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Camping is a fun and highly exciting experience, but in order to have a safe and fun trip you will need to be highly organized, which means that you need to prepare well before embarking on such a trip with your family or friends. Preparing for a camping trip becomes really easy once you have a checklist of the things you need to pack in, this way you can just cross things off the checklist! The very first thing that you need to do is to decide on the people with whom you’ll go camping.

Next, pay attention to the dietary restrictions or special requirements that your camping group might need and ensure that these are observed during the trip. For instance, if a participant of the camping trip is allergic to nuts then do not carry peanut butter with you. If you have a participant who wears contact lens then make sure you carry saline for it and have a pair of spectacles ready on standby and so on.

You also need to bring in the right kind of supplies with you when camping as these are most important. The very first thing that you should pack in would be a first aid kit for minor cuts/bruises and other injuries that might take place. Also pack in extra pairs of clothing, a knife, Ziploc bags, compass, toiletries, rope, water bottle, sleeping bag, flashlight, spare batteries, matches and of course a sufficient amount of food! Over packing is a great blunder when it comes to camping because the task of having to lug a heavy baggage along everywhere you camp takes away the fun of camping! Thus, you should always ensure that you pack in just the essentials and nothing else.

Once you’ve gathered the things you need and packed them in your suitcase or backpack, you should proceed to the next step, i.e. to decide on a camping location. One of the best places for recreational outdoor camping in California would be the Yosemite National Park. The camp here is extremely well maintained, clean and full of helpful staffs. When it comes to this park, you do not need to worry, even if you do not have the camping equipment because the park has all the necessary arrangements available for a reasonable rental rate. One would also find modern conveniences such as covered patios, mattresses, electricity in the camping tarp and so on.

Apart from the Yosemite National Park, there are other spectacular camping spots located in the state of California too. Redwood National and State Parks are a top pick here. Most of the camping spots here are more than two thousand years old and they are a part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can choose from three camping grounds in the Redwood forest or opt for a Beach setting at the camping ground on the Pacific Coastline here.

In Southern California, the Crystal Cove State Park is a very popular camping location. With more than 2400 acres of wilderness here and a coastal beachfront that stretches up to 3.2 miles, this is one of the most beautiful spots to go camping in when in California.

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